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May 31

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve…plus a bit on lifetime annuities

Source: RBA, Delta Research & Advisory Not too many posts in recent times and its been a while since I looked at the yield curve and I have to admit that after scanning the various newspapers I was expecting to see some significant moves. As the above chart shows, the curve has barely moved in …

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Apr 12

A Couple of Market Outlook Reports (JV w RIMSec)

I’m a little late with the first one of these but the second is hot of the press, so to speak. The following links are Market outlook reports provided by Rim Securities, and written by yours truly for Delta Research & Advisory. The March update (that is only 2-3 weeks old) can be downloaded here; …

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Oct 05

Outlook for Bond Returns…

Source: Delta Research & Advisory, RBA, Morningstar Direct The above chart shows the forward 5 year annualised return of the UBS Composite Index and the 5 year Australian Government Bond index. The last data point in the chart is Septembr 2007 meaning the forward 5 year return is the annualised return of the UBS Composite …

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Sep 18

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve…no change???

Source: RBA, Delta Research & Advisory Bizaarely as it seems but the above chart shows that over the last month the Australian Government Bond Yield curve has barely budged. There’s really no more than 5 to 10 bps difference across all terms and when you consider the various big announcements, economic results from here, overseas …

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Aug 11

Investment Perspectives

Its been a while since I put some of my broader investment thoughts in writing and I’ve just written almost 4000 words to satisfy that…so it also sort of makes up for my lack of posting. So below is a lot of what I have written and hopefully its readable for anyone interested…I actually haven’t …

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Aug 02

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve…slight increase but risks remain

Source:RBA The above chart shows that over the last few weeks there has been an increase of around 10-25bps across the yield curve which is also in line with the marginally stronger equity markets. As I’ve stated numerous times before, the European situation is what is currently driving most major market moves and the partial …

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Jun 01

Negative Interest Rates Anyone?

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve – 1 June 2012 – 4.06pm Source: www.bloomberg.com The 3 year Australian government bond is currently 2.06%…this is truly extraordinary. When you throw in the fact that Germany, USA, and Switzerland also have record low bond yields its really looking like a serious run for safety…but major equity markets haven’t really moved …

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May 18

Australian Government Bond Yields…continue record lows

Source: RBA In less than 2 weeks the Australian Government Bond yield curve has dropped another 20bps plus and since August last year, the yield curve has dropped around 160bps on average…which means for bond fund owners double digit returns over the previous 12 months continue. Obviously the main reason for this drop in yield …

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Apr 24

No wonder Term Deposits are popular…annuities too

Source: RBA, Comminsure, Challenger Life, RimSec The above chart is pretty strong evidence as to why investors are placing their money into term deposits and annuities…very very attractive margins over government bonds. As you can see, at the 5 year term the interest rates for term deposits and annuities are almost double! When you consider that …

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