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Feb 13

Economic Growth & Sharemarket Returns … looking for relationships

Background According to (Elroy Dimson, 2010) the “conventional view Is that, over the long run, corporate earnings will constitute a roughly constant share of national income, and so dividends out to grow at a similar rate to the overall economy. This suggests that fast-growing economies will experience higher growth in real dividends, and hence higher …

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Oct 29

Global Economic Data…interactive chart

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Nov 25

How the economic machine works…by Ray Dalio

Source: The above video (hopefully its working) is easily the best description I’ve seen on how economies operate and an absolutely must see for anyone interested. In the context of the Australian economy it certainly does sound a few bells…perhaps alarm bells…particularly when you consider that the Australian economy has not experienced particularly good …

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Aug 15

RimSec August Research Update

I can’t believe its four weeks since my last post so obviously its been a terribly busy period. Anyway, something I have completed is a market/economic update and if anyone’s interested you can download it here. The update is probably consistent with what is being said everywhere…but either way… The mining investment boom is over …

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Jul 12

RIMSec July Research Report

It has certainly been a while since I posted and, no, this blog is still active and hopefully I’ll be able to produce some good stuff sooner than later. Lots of analysis done, some interesting stuff too, just need the time to write it up. Anyway, I digress… I’ve just finished a short little Research …

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Aug 20

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve…continued improvement

Source: RBA With equity markets improving over the past few weeks, so too have Australian Government Bond yields increased. 10 Year yields were below 3% a couple of months ago and now they are hovering near 3.5%. For Australian bond fund owners that should be a capital loss of close to 2% since mid-June. Nevetheless …

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Aug 11

Investment Perspectives

Its been a while since I put some of my broader investment thoughts in writing and I’ve just written almost 4000 words to satisfy that…so it also sort of makes up for my lack of posting. So below is a lot of what I have written and hopefully its readable for anyone interested…I actually haven’t …

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Apr 30

Australian Government Bond Yield Curve…new lows

Source: RBA I know its just a week and a half since I last provided an Australian Government Bond Yield curve update but over this time the curve has dropped another 20-25bps to mostly be below the bottom from 19th December. This is largely on the back of weak inflation data…deflation if you look at the seasonally …

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Apr 02

Australian Government Bond Yields…a rate cut suggestion?

Source: RBA In less than two weeks the yield curve managed to drop around 15bps back to levels similar to those of late January. This is despite slightly stronger equity markets, the ASX200 made it through the 4,300 barrier for the first time in many months, and not that much in the way of really bad news…I …

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Feb 24

I always like a good interest rate or yield

Unfortunately whilst the yield on Greek 1 year bonds is high at 730% (yes there’s no decimal point), it can hardly be described as good. When you have a 730% interest rate on your 1 year loan, its pretty safe to say that your chances of paying it back are zero. I understand why Greece …

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