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Aug 29

Beware the Benchmark Hugger … it might be you?

Background For quite a few years now, many commentators and researchers have criticized active strategies that charge active fees to receive benchmark-like returns. If a portfolio looks a lot like the benchmark it is trying to outperform, it doesn’t mean there won’t be outperformance, but after taking fees into consideration it is much more difficult. …

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Feb 15

Global Returns Yearbook

One of my favourite reports has just been released, Credit Suisse Global Returns Yearbook. Aside from showing long term investment returns from the major exchanges around the world there are some fascinating articles on some of the latest thinking that relates to investment considerations. This year the articles are… The low return world Mean reversion, …

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Dec 10

The RBA’s New Chart Pack

The Reserve Bank of Australia have updated their website so that charts on global and local economic statistics or investment markets are far more accessible. It is a wonderful resource that many use …check it out here.    Send article as PDF   


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