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Sep 16

Another terrible structured product!!!

Its been a little while since I took a close look at some of the structured products that are out there…they’ve been a little unpopular due to their poor general track record over the GFC period, although in their defence they did what they promised, its just very few actually knew what they promised! Anyway, …

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May 14

I Still Hate Structured Products – JB Global’s Latest

Its been a little while since I’ve ranted about structured product but for the second straight year a set of structured producted produced by JB Global have created some annoyance in me. I don’t know much about JB Global other than, they’re not too global, and they release a lot of structured products because, as …

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Aug 25

Fear Creeping Up and may be appearing in Oz

Source: Bloomberg After another down day in US Equities markets we can see the VIX is starting to creep up…it increased overnight by a little more than 7% and currently stands at 27.5. If the VIX is one thing it is certainly volatile. Whilst the chart shows that over the last 12 months the VIX …

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Aug 02

Structure Product Review – Instreet Link Series XIX and XXI

Basic characteristics of these 2 structured products are… They provide the investor with exposure to the S&P/ASX200 Share Price Index (ie no exposure to dividends) They each have capped performance (Indicative caps are 28.5% for Series XIX and 47% for Series XXI) The terms are 2 years for Series XIX and 3 years for Series …

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Jun 22

Structured Products – tough to get your money back

Source: Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2010 The above chart shows the gross outperformance of Australian shares (including dividends) versus Australian Bonds and Bills. Over the 110 years to the end of 2009, shares provided an additional return of only 6% to 6.8% versus bonds and bills respectively. Believe it or not, there is …

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