Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30

ING sells Australian funds management business to UBS

Looks like there’ll be a fair few redemptions coming up for ING’s and maybe even UBS’s managed funds because today ING have sold their Australian funds business to UBS. This is no comment on the quality of either team, but there is bound to be some unrest over the coming months as teams are merged and …

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Jun 24

Australian Government Bond Yields…pretty much flat

Well, flat, it pretty much is. What a difference a couple of months can make…from a nice gentle normal looking yield curve to very very flat out to five years to maturity. Pretty obvious stuff here…housing has slowed, inflation isn’t a perceived threat, the Euro crisis has global recession potential written on it, and the …

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Jun 12

Managing Inflation Risk…advisers have it wrong

Source: van Eyk Research The above poll was taken by van Eyk Research on their subscription website. In terms of the sample, it is large (848 responses) so may be statistically representative of van Eyk subscribers whom I can only assume is financial advisers, researchers, and maybe fund managers. As shown almost 1 in 2 …

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Jun 09

European Bond Yields

I found this table on Calculated Risk and liked it so much I had to have my own…as I’m sicking of looking up other websites to find the latest Euro yields. [table id=1 /]      Send article as PDF   

Jun 07

Reserve Bank No Change…but some movement on the yield curve

Source: Bloomberg As the above Australian Government Bond Yield curve chart shows, whilst the Reserve Bank left the cash rate unchanged, the shorter end of the yield curve decreased in yield by up to 5bps. This represented around a 1% increase in price of the Australian government bonds maturing within the next 5 years…quite a …

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Jun 06

The Reserve Bank’s Other Trigger

In today’s Australian Financial Review, David Bassenese wrote that the Reserve Bank needs to “put up rates or shut up”. Whilst we all know that the Reserve Bank uses the interest rate lever to adjust our level of economic activity, the other method they have up their sleeve is what they say. If the Reserve …

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Jun 02

Volatility…it might be the best value around? – Part 2

Source: Bloomberg It didn’t even take a week before a volatility spike occurred…Anyone prepared to back me into a hedge fund? 🙂    Send article as PDF   

Jun 02

Australian Government Bond Yields – still flat

Source: RBA The above chart of the Australian Government Bond yields shows little change since 23 May with just a marginal flattening at the longer terms to maturity. No surprise given financial markets continuing its volatility combined with significant risks that include Greek bond default and poor economic news out of the US. Whilst this information …

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