Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 26

Reducing the Risks of Portfolio Failure in Retirement

I have a draft article with some interesting analysis showing the probabilities of running out of funds across numerous drawdown scenarios…click Reducing the Risks of Portfolio Failure in Retirement – Oct 2010. If we’re forecasting growth returns to be around 10% then even with a conservative expectation of the volatility of annual returns and the …

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Oct 25

Favour Global Equities??? Yes and No

Got a few quotes in the Investor Daily today…click here …the article suggests I favour global equities which I do but I don’t. I’m certainly skeptical of the global equity upside potential but the main basis to my thoughts are that global equity markets have far greater diversification than the Australian market which is really …

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Oct 08

Mini Economic and Markets Update

Compared to the downbeat global economic data and sharemarket performance of August, the month of September was quite the opposite. The risk trade was the success story over the last month with commodities, sharemarkets (particularly small cap) and the Australian dollar all showing strong gains. In Australia the positive sentiment started early September with the …

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Oct 03

Bond Yields – Rate Rise now a near Certainty

As mentioned around a month ago after the month of August a rate rise from the Reserve Bank appeared a long way away but September has certainly been a month for the risk takers. Aussie Dollar near record highs and the sharemarkets are up so of course that means government bonds are down. The above …

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Oct 01

AUD and Parity with USD – only the bulls can maintain it

All this talk about Australian Dollar and US Dollar parity got me thinking about the behaviour of the Aussie relative to other assets, namely the sharemarket. The above chart shows that, with the exception of the first half of 2008 when the the sharemarket was a little more forward thinking than the RBA, there has …

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