Mar 13

Corporate Bond ETF or Big 4 Bond ETF????

I was quite excited to see the launch of the new Russell Select Australian Corporate Bond fund over the past few days. I thought the ability to have a diversified Australian bond fund that has the ability to provide a bit of credit risk for a more diversified portfolio would be great.

Unfortunately when I looked at the portfolio the holdings were the following…

  • COMMONWEALTH BANK AUST …maturing 20 Feb 2014
  • AUST & NZ BANKING GROUP …maturing 10 Nov 2014
  • WESTPAC BANKING CORP …maturing 18 Aug 2014
  • WESTPAC BANKING CORP …maturing 18 Nov 2014
  • NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK  …maturing 19 Dec 2013
  • AUST & NZ BANKING GROUP …maturing 16 Jan 2014
  • WESTPAC BANKING CORP  …maturing 05 Mar 2014
  • COMMONWEALTH BANK AUST  …maturing 14 Jul 2014
  • NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK  …maturing 16 Sep 2014
  • COMMONWEALTH BANK AUST …maturing 21 Jul 2015

Oh well…not too diversified…just the big 4 banks…bummer, and back to the drawing board for me…I’m afraid at this stage Russell’s should look to rename their ETF to something that reflects the underlyings a little more closely.

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