Apr 16

Is it over for Agribusiness MIS?

Without a doubt, this has been the worst investment sector I have ever seen. Apart from the overall dismal performance track record of this sector, a few years ago now we had the disaster of Saxby Bridge and their agri-boiler room sales tactics, and in the last 12 months we’ve had the collapse of Timbercorp, Great Southern and two days ago Forest Enterprises Australia (FEA).

Throw in that the biggest pusher of agr-MIS projects, Professional Investment Services (PIS), have withdrawn all agri projects from their APL thus placing enormouse sales pressure on the sector and its difficult to see what future exists.

I’m sure the government is dissatisfied with the lack of success and there would also have to be enormous legislative risk to this sector…for mine…obviously…agri-MIS is a tax effective way of losing money and a complete revamp of the sector is needed before this sector is worthy of anyone’s investment again!

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