Aug 06

Yield Curve looking Good…is it too good?

As the above chart shows, the Australian government yield curve has been steepening ever since the end of last year. This yield curve is a good indicator of the future strength of the AUstralian economy. As it shows, during June of 2008 the curve was negative (i.e. sloping downwards) and worst case scenario, is that a negative yield curve signals potential recession as there is no premium for long term rates like you would expect. Right now, 5 August, the curve is incredible steep with current interest rates at 3% and 5 year government bonds yielding around 5.5%. This curve indicates there is only one direction for rates to go and that is up…and that is only likely to occur if the economy is strong.

There is no doubt the outlook for the Australian economy and global economy) has improved in recent months, but the speed of the improvement, whether sharemarkets or the strengthening of the above yield curve, has been startling. Whilst yields aren’t what they used to be, has this rapid improvement been to fast, so is there a short term opportunity for bonds? If not, then can this yield curve get steeper?

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