Jun 13

Misquoted in the Financial Review

I’m typically a little nervous about interviews with journalists because you never know how they may use your comments and its not always 100% clear as to specifically what they’re writing about.

Lucky me had my photo and was quoted in today’s Financial Review article on inflation linked bonds written by Brendon Lau (page 42 if you’re interested). Unfortunately the article suggetsed that I am “convinced that if retirement investors had access to a deeper and richer inflaiton-linked bond market, their retirement savings would not been as badly devastated by the global financial crisis”.

I don’t recall saying anything of the sort and nor do I believe it. Maybe if retirement investors were more conservative and invested in AAA rated government bonds whether inflation-linked or not insted of equities and property then their retirement savings would not have been devastated. But that is a question of risk profile…not as to whether there was a deeper and richer inflation-linked bond market.

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