Jun 18

So much for the Greek election…Spanish bond yields getting ugly

Source: Bloomberg

Spanish bond yields are a far greater concern than Greece…Greece’s exit from the Euro unfortunately is inevitable and the Pro-Austerity victory in the election will just create a delay for, hopefully, an orderly exit from the Euro.

With Spanish 10 year bond yields now above 7%, which are completely unsustainable levels, another bailout will undoubtedly be required soon from the Troika, that is the IMF, European Central Bank, and the European Union, and the saga will continue until the next problem…probably Italy (at least their 10 year bond yields are only a smidgeon above 6%)

Anyway, European sharemarkets have declined quite quickly after a little bit of post-Greek-election euphoria. The half life of market euphoria following decent news is getting shorter and shorter.




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